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To the problem for equipment is less, the daily cleaning must be well
Part of the customers' glue machine operators often reflect the equipment easy to appear problem, and then to equipment. In fact most of the equipment itself is not the issue. After-sales service personnel to the scene after only for cleaning, and the related parameters are revised, is back to normal. Thus I think glue machine operator should have the "heart" to be able to keep equipment long-term stable operation, can always painted out qualified strip: 1, attentive, operators should be more careful, to discover and handle pipe, valves and other parts of the congestion, ensure line and each channel unobstructed, it will greatly reduce the probability of failure. 2, the sense of responsibility, there are a lot of customer on-site equipment is not at work every day, every time need to be used on the workpiece when the glue directly boot, this is also one of the reasons for the failure. In this period of equipment downtime is in a state of neglect, failed to do the maintenance, will bring problems to the production of the next.

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