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Summary of the foaming sealing glue machine
An overview, With the continuous development of manufacturing industry and the people of the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, traditional seal, seal structure have been or are being gradually replaced by reactive sealing glue, the development of chemical industry makes various types of high quality reactive sealing glue, its stability, good performance, and its convenient forms of packaging, transport, also makes them more widely in manufacturing fields, is used by more and more. With the development of production automation, manual glue production field work is gradually replaced by a automatic coating machine, the automatic glue machine using a special computer system and multi-axis linkage CNC system control, with rapidity and stability, uniformity, automatic unmanned probation and a series of excellent performance, so that each need glue sealing industry got quickly and efficiently improve the productivity. We, dalian Jin Jie innovation technology co., LTD., followed the development of the society of manufacturing, specializing in automatic glue

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