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The advantage of the broken bridge aluminum,
1. The broken bridge aluminum insulation is good. Insulation profile is used for soft inside and outside the box, use a strip border, double wool article three seal form, closed tight, airtight, watertight performance is very high, heat preservation performance is superior; Casement use hollow glass structure, make the window shows the real function of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, excellence, a large amount of savings by global warming and cooling costs, heat transfer coefficient K value tested below 2.23 2.94 w / 2 K, energy-saving effect is remarkable, energy-saving costs enough to make up for the early years of investment. 2. The broken bridge aluminum waterproof function. Structure of drainage system is designed using the pressure balance principle, cant drop design step, drain, drainage chang tong, good water tightness. 3. The broken bridge aluminum prevent condensation, frost. Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows can be realized three sealing structure, reasonable separation of water vapor cavity, a successful implementation such as water pressure balance, significantly increase the water tightness and air tightness of doors and Windows, window clean and bright. 4. The broken bridge aluminum anti mosquito screen window design. Invisible screen window, can be inside and outside

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